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Why Franking Machines are Beneficial for Businesses

In case you are usually sending out serious amounts of mail, you may want to consider easing up the entire process through the use of franking machines. This kind of machine will help to calculate the postage every time that you send mail. Another thing is that this is a lot more convenient compared to stamps because you could easily buy postages online rather than queuing for several hours at the post office.

Postal Discounts

In recent years, royal mail actually increased discounts on franked mail. This actually is because franked mails are a lot easier and are cheaper to handle compared to issuing stamps and on processing mail manually. This increase in discounts in fact is a move to encourage customers to buying and using franking machines. The increased discounts also will be able to benefit businesses when it comes to saving on mailing costs in the long run.


Sending franked mails portrays image of professionalism towards your business partners and your customers. This in fact is because such machines allows you to add the logo of your company or a promotional text or tag line. Another thing is that franking your mail will also offer a platform for advertising with no additional costs. The promotional text can be used to make your new services or offers publicized.

Over Stamping

Many people actually are uncertain on the weight of their mail and so many people also just ends up overpaying and wasting their money. Franking machines which comes with an integrated scale that’s built in could correctly and accurately determine the postage costs without having to overpay.

Under Stamping

When you are over stamping and is uncertain with the weight of your mail, you could end up under stamping and attract inconveniences. Some mail services used to impose charges on the sender if the postages are under stamped. Some actually can deliver on the postages, but the recipients actually are made in paying the balance and added handling fees. By using franking machines, this will allow you to avoid any inconveniences and also the embarrassments.

Time Saving Benefit

There are moments to where stamps run out at the moment that we need them most, which then causes distress and aggravation. With the use of franking machines, you can top up any day and also at any hour.

The franking machines could actually be utilized with small businesses or larger established businesses and likewise aids in cutting down postage costs and helps you to save time in the process.

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