Recovering from Ransomware with the Help of Monstercloud

When someone breaks into a house, a person feels violated and may no longer feel safe in their own home. However, when someone breaks into a person’s computer, the act is just as violating, but unfortunately, the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime. In fact, there are few ways a person can get retribution for this type of violation of their privacy. However, there are tools out there, such as the ones offered by that can help a person feel safe on their computer once again.

However, before they can feel safe, they have to take action. If a computer user notices ransomware on their device, they should take the following steps.


If ransomware is detected, the PC should be disconnected from the network. Once offline, pull out the Ethernet cord and disconnect the Wi-Fi, then shut down the entire system. Some ransomware spreads via the network connections, which is why it is so important to disconnect.


Next, all the shared drivers should be disabled. This is because some ransomware can encrypt the network, as well as all of the shared drivers that are currently connected to the system that has been infected.


At this point, the root cause of the infection has to be found. Once the computers are shut down and shared drives are offline, speak with the user to discover what they were doing right before the infection occurred. Not only will this help in discovering a remedy for the issue, but it may also help to prevent attacks down the road.

Run Security Software

Now it is necessary to run the security software on the infected system. Make sure to take steps to prevent the issue from occurring again in the future. This is the best way to reduce the potential of long-lasting effects because of ransomware.

Unfortunately, those who create ransomware are becoming more and more clever, which means that more people are opening and exposing their system to this every day. Educating workers is the best way to prevent serious issues. When a person knows what to watch for and what to do if something does happen, the damage can be mitigated.